Bossy Matters
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date January 28, 2011
Written by Brainulator9
Directed by Brainulator9
Characters Liam the Leprechaun, Leprechaun Boss, Leon the Leprechaun, Lion the Leprechaun
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Liam the Leprechaun: Bossy Matters is the seventh episode in The Adventures of Liam the Leprechaun.


Liam the Leprechaun signs a contract with Leprechaun Boss to be a boss and gives him a leprechaun named Leon. Liam trains Leon to be a leprechaun, but he fails because he "has what it takes". Outraged, Liam demands to talk to Leprechaun Boss. Leprechaun Boss tells Liam he came from a string of bosses, the highest and earliest being from Irish caveman ages, so he wanted to live up the legacy. Liam says he thought he was getting old and was giving him the transfer, and then he wanted to deliberately annoy him. In certification, Leprechaun Boss gives Liam Lion. Finding it something to toy with Leon's intelligence, Liam gives Leon Lion a month later, and the events start again.


Liam the Leprechaun: Ah, me with me own potta gold. (sniffs, then sighs)

Leprechaun Boss: Liam!

Liam the Leprechaun: Whadya' want now?

Leprechaun Boss: Come see me in my office (slowly) now.

(screen changes to a black card saying "Later" with Liam the Leprechaun reading it)

Liam the Leprechaun: What am I doing wrong now? Did I lose a potta gold?

Leprechaun Boss: (inhales) No, not really, no, it's not that.

Liam the Leprechaun: Then what is it, then?

Leprechaun Boss: Sign this contract.

Liam the Leprechaun: Okay. Liam...the..Lep...rech...aun. There! Signed! Now what? Show's over? I leave? Hang out with me potta gold?

Leprechaun Boss: Well, the contract says you will be a boss. To start off, I'm giving you...

(Leon the Leprechaun is watching television, then he is poofed over.)

Leprechaun Boss: Leon the Leprechaun!

Leon the Leprechaun: Yo.

Liam the Leprechaun: Him?

Leprechaun Boss: Yes, him. Train him. Give him the works (and his pot of gold). And heckle him with a clover when telling limericks on sta-

(Leon the Leprechaun throws a tomato at Leprechaun Boss)

Leprechaun Boss: Well, you know the drill. See ya later.

Liam the Leprechaun: Bye! (to Leon the Leprechaun) Well, now what?

Leon the Leprechaun: Train me.